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In New Zealand we still believe in classical music CDs, even though there is now only one serious store in the whole country that sells them - Marbecks, in the Queens Arcade in Auckland. Go there if you possibly can. If that is not possible then go online and order from rattlerecords.net unless otherwise directed (rattle.co.nz can still get you there).

Below are my most recent recordings. Further down are the old Trust Records recordings, but frankly I can’t recommend them.

If you don’t want to deal with CDs or spend any money, then try the free downloads right here.

* * NEW RELEASE * * *

Issued by the JAZZ section of Rattle, here are four arrangements for piano and big band. Jazz maestro Bill Cunliffe is fully responsible for two of them, shares the credit with Prokofiev for the third, and the fourth is taken from a solo piece by Mike Nock (find it on my Inland album) arranged by Dave Lisik. The brains and musical spirit behind the whole deal is the inimitable Rodger Fox. His band rocks and we had some serious fun!






* * NEW RELEASE * * *

Here is the music from a show that lustrous soprano Jenny Wollerman and I presented at festivals, complete with set and lighting. It is a recital of songs by 19th and 20th century masters including Fauré, Debussy, Rachmaninov, Strauss among others. There are three little piano solos tucked in there as well. Beautiful.







* * NEW RELEASE * * *

NZ Music Awards 2015 - Best Classical Album

Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas

"Rattle has come up with a first in the recording industry of our country with this magnificent release. Michael Houstoun delivers the complete Beethoven piano sonatas on 14 CDs, housed in a sturdy and stylish slipcase that also contains a 180-page hardbound book... Houstoun has always been an individualist, and the searching interpretations of these works have emerged from decades of study and investigation."
William Dart, New Zealand Herald

"...the top classical release (of 2014) by far...a profound slice of arts heritage..."
Ian Dando, The Listener


Buy online at:





Lilburn Duos for Violin & Piano
Justine Cormack and Michael Houstoun

Justine Cormack is violinist in NZTrio (www.nztrio.com) and this disc contains almost all the music  Lilburn wrote for violin and piano, including Allegro Concertante, Sonata in E flat (1943 revised 1984), Sonata in C (1943 revised 1986), and the great Sonata (1950).

Order it at your local record/cd store and if it has gone under (boo hoo) go to www.atoll.co.nz  and get it there.



Lilburn, Music for Solo Piano

Winner of the Tui for Best Classical Album at the 2013 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards this album contains a significant selection of the music played in Dave Armstrong's highly successful play, 'Rita and Douglas' - plus quite a few other tasty morsels.

Order it at your local record store. Don't have one? Then go to www.rattle.co.nz and order it there.




This is a remastered version of the double CD set that won Best Classical Album in 2008.

As well as the two CDs there is now an additional DVD with footage from the recording sessions and interviews about the music.

Order your copy from your local record store or go online to www.rattle.co.nz




Michael Houstoun Performs Beethoven ~ The Last Three Piano Sonatas

This DVD of a live concert performance of the last three Beethoven sonatas is now available.

It is a Trust Records release - MMT4001.

Hassle Marbeck’s or your local record store to get you one (or more), and if they aren’t up to it get in touch directly with Charley Davenport

He’ll see you right.

See details here...




NZ Solo piano music by Kenneth Young, Douglas Lilburn, Mike Nock, John Psathas, Gao Ping and Victoria Kelly.

See details here...






Michael Houstoun Performs Beethoven ~ The Last Three Piano Sonatas Op.109, Op.110 & Op.111

This DVD of a live concert performance of the last three Beethoven sonatas is now available.

This Trust Records release (MMT4001) includes the complete Live performance of these three works and an exclusive 40-minute interview with Houstoun, who candidly discusses his interpretation and meaning of the works.

"The Beethoven biographical literature contains many anecdotes about his tremendous improvisations at the piano. It seems he could not only make people laugh and cry, but could even dissolve grief and alleviate illness; such was the range and depth of his creative imagination and force of his personality."
Michael Houstoun

Available from your local classical music retailer and New Zealand online music stores:





The Complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas in four boxed sets

Michael Houstoun performs Beethoven Piano Sonatas from the Middle Period

Sonata in C, Op.53 (‘Waldstein’)
Sonata in e minor, Op.90
Sonata in c sharp minor, Op.27 No.2 (‘Moonlight’)
Sonata in E flat, Op.27 No.1

Sonata in f minor, Op.57 (‘Appassionata’)
Sonata in A flat, Op.26
Sonata in F, Op.54

Sonata in D, Op.28 (‘Pastoral’)
Sonata in E flat, Op.81a (‘Das Lebewohl’)
Sonata in F sharp, Op.78
Sonata in G, Op.79

MMT 2001-2003 (3 discs)


Michael Houstoun Performs Beethoven the Last Five Piano Sonatas

Sonata in A, Op.101
Sonata in B flat, Op.106 (‘Hammerklavier’)

Sonata in E, Op.109
Sonata in A flat, Op.110
Sonata in c minor, Op.111

MMT 2004-2005 (2 discs)


Michael Houstoun performs Beethoven The Early Sonatas

Sonata in f minor, Op.2 No.1
Sonata in A, Op.2 No.2
Sonata in C, Op.2 No.3

Sonata in c minor, Op.10 No.1
Sonata in F, Op.10 No.2
Sonata in D, Op.10 No.3

Sonata in g minor, Op.49 No.1
Sonata in G, Op.49 No2
Sonata in E flat, Op.7
Sonata in c minor, Op.13 (‘Pathétique’)

MMT 2011-2013 (3 discs)


Michael Houstoun performs Beethoven The Op.14, 22 and 31 Sonatas

Sonata in E, Op.14 No.1
Sonata in G, Op.14 No.2
Sonata in B flat, Op.22

Sonata in G, Op.31 No.1
Sonata in d minor, Op.31 No.2 (‘Tempest’)
Sonata in E flat, Op.31 No.3 (‘La Chasse’)

MMT 2017-2018 (2 discs)


Michael Houstoun Plays Great Piano Sonatas of Beethoven

Sonata in c sharp minor, Op.27 No.2 (‘Moonlight’)
Sonata in D, Op.28 (‘Pastoral’)
Sonata in f minor, Op.57 (‘Appassionata’)

MMT 2015


Keith Lewis (tenor) and Michael Houstoun in Recital

Songs by Mozart, Schubert, Fauré, de Falla, Prokofiev and Irish Folk Songs

MMT 2006


Michael Houstoun performs Piano Works of Franz Liszt

Sonata in b minor
Bénédiction de Dieu dans la solitude
Consolation No.3 in D flat
Première valse oubliée
En rêve

MMT 2008


Elusive Dreams
Michael Houstoun live at the 1996 New Zealand International Festival of the Arts

John Psathas
Christopher Blake
Kenneth Young
Douglas Lilburn
Jack Body
Gareth Farr
Waiting For The Aeroplane
Ancient Journeys
Elusive Dreams
Sonata (1956)
Sepuluh jari

(‘Sepuluh jari’ can also be found on MMT 2020 Gareth Farr Chamber Music)

MMT 2010


Michael Houstoun Piano Recital ‘99

Schumann Fantasie in C, Op.17
Prokofiev Sonata No.3 in a minor, Op.28
Scriabin Sonata No.9, Op.68
Rachmaninoff Etudes-tableaux Op.39 Nos.1, 2 and 9

MMT 2028


Michael Houstoun with the NZSO (live recordings)

Prokofiev Piano Concerto No.3 in C, Op.26
(Conductor James Judd)

Beethoven Piano Concerto No.5 in E flat, Op.73 (‘Emperor’)
(Conductor Janos Furst)

MMT 2035


TRUST website: http://www.trustcds.com
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A double CD release from RATTLE of piano music by NZ composers

Douglas Lilburn
Kenneth Young
Five Pieces for Piano
Gao Ping
Victoria Kelly
John Psathas
Mike Nock
Dance Fury
Landscape Prelude
After Bach
Ringstone Round
In the Time of Sakura
Red Descending
Sho’s Cradle Song
Beautiful Your Eyes
Green Cycle
Raff Riff




RAT D016


Click here to read a review by William Dart in The New Zealand Herald 13/12/07


This CD just won a Tui award - Best Classical Album at the NZ Music Awards!



Rhythm Spike

Works by John Psathas

Includes ‘Motet’ for piano 4-hands
Michael Houstoun and Diedre Irons (piano)

RAT D008


View From Olympus

Concertos by John Psathas
With the NZSO conductor Marc Taddei

‘View from Olympus’ Double concerto for percussion, piano and orchestra
Pedro Carneiro (percussion) Michael Houstoun (piano)

‘Three Psalms’ Concerto for piano and orchestra
Michael Houstoun (piano)

(Also ‘Omnifex’ for saxophone and orchestra, with Joshua Redman

RAT DV015 (CD and DVD)


RATTLE website:
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Dmitri Shostakovich Piano Concertos Nos.1 and 2
NZSO/ Christopher Lyndon-Gee

Also ‘The Age of Gold’ Ballet Suite Op.22a

Naxos 8.553126



Ribbonwood RCD 1003 APO/ conductor John Hopkins

Christopher Blake ‘The Coming of Tane Mahuta’

Atoll ACD 102 APO/ conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya

Ravel Concerto in D for the Left Hand
(live recording)

also Prokofiev ‘Romeo and Juliet’ selection



Kiwi-Pacific Records TRL-069

Scriabin Piano Sonata No.3 in f sharp minor, Op.23
Chopin Nocturne in D flat, Op.27 No.2
Ballade in A flat, Op.47
3 Mazurkas, Op.63
Scherzo in c sharp minor, Op.39



Manu 1478 New Zealand Composers

includes Kenneth Young ‘Fantasy’ for 2 pianos
Michael Houstoun and Diedre Irons (pianos)



In New Zealand, great retail outlets for classical music cds are:

Parsons Books and Music
126 Lambton Quay,
Phone (04) 472 4587
to send email
Marbecks Record Shop
15 Queens Arcade,
Phone (09) 379 0444



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