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AAll the music listed below was recorded specifically for FREE DOWNLOADING from this website (yes, folks, you can use those spare leisure dollars to buy a ticket to a live performance).

Engineer Steve Garden, producer Ken Young and I worked just as we would for commercial CD recording, using state-of-the-art equipment in both the recording and editing processes, concert grand Steinway pianos over various venues in New Zealand. All tracks are available in highest quality audio as well as mp3 versions. Happy listening!

Bandcamp, excellent music hosting site, are now limiting free downloads to 200 per month. After that the Paypal system will kick in. This is a totally secure system - your credit card details will not be harvested and used for nefarious purposes. A percentage of the charge will go to Bandcamp, a percentage to Paypal and the rest to the pianist to invest in further online recording :)
If you don't wish to pay for any downloads you can wait until the following month when they are free again, at least initially.
BTW the Bandcamp month seems to start on the 3rd or 4th.




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